About Us

  • Our Mission

    Zazma is a simple, new way for businesses to finance all the items they need, including inventory, supplies, equipment & services.

    Zazma helps small businesses pay their invoices, so you can buy more and pay on time. We provide two to three times higher approval rates, fast online applications, optimal pricing and credit lines that grow with your business.

    Zazma eliminates traditional paperwork, endless forms, needless questions and painful waiting. Zazma simplifies how business is financed. Tell us what your business wants to buy, from whom and when you want to repay us.

    No matter what business you are in, Zazma is your finance and payment partner.

  • Who we are
    Through our office in New York, we fund businesses across America. The Zazma team is led by senior finance executives from the world's leading financial institutions. We are proud to bring patent-pending analytics to the world of finance. Through this innovation, we are funding America's business growth.
  • Investors